Suicide prevention

In order to reduce the number of suicides in Lithuania, the training is intended for teachers, social pedagogues, other specialists, and citizens.

Expected change after completing the training:

After the training, participants will know how to recognize signs of a suicide, how to react when they realize that a person is thinking about or planning to commit suicide, how to provide them with emotional support,  introduce them to what help they can get and how to encourage them to seek help.



8 academic hours.


Training structure:

  • What is a suicide, what is typical for it, myths, attitudes, and facts?
  • How a person thinking about suicide feels?
  • Why do people commit suicide?
  • How to recognize suicidal behavior, what are the levels of risk for suicide?
  • How to help yourself and someone thinking about suicide, where help can be found.

The ratio of the theoretical part and practical tasks is 40:60 (can be adjusted as needed).



175 euros for 1 academic hour (Public enterprise “Youth line” is not VAT payer)


Participants and the lecturer:

Participants: optimal size of the group – up to 12 people.

There is an option for a 1.5-hour duration lecture, price – contractual.

The courses are held by the lecturer from the “Youth line”.