Mission Vision



Mission: Jaunimo linija (Youth Line) - volunteers, who listen, hear and encourage to talk


Vision: No one left alone


Long-term objectives of Jaunimo linija for 2022-2026:

Strategic direction 1

Jaunimo linija is an attractive and accessible space for young people, in the face of emotional challenges:

Speaking in the language of the youth about emotional help;

Be accessible to young people and provide quality emotional support.

Strategic direction 2

Jaunimo linija is a reliable public partner in the field emotional health of young people:

Influencing public opinion on the emotional health of young people.

Strategic direction 3

Jaunimo linija is a strong and inclusive community in a modern organization:

Strengthen an organizational culture in which staff and volunteers are good at working and self-fulfilling;

Strengthen leadership and self-government in Jaunimo linija;

Create an efficient operating infrastructure for the organization.