Why support us

By supporting Jaunimo linija:

  • you contribute to the aim of enabling every young person to receive emotional support at any time. In our vision, no on is left alone! 
  • you help us respond to more calls. In 2012, Jaunimo linija could only respond to 1 out of 20 calls! In 2021 - 2 out of 3. We are progressing, but not every cry for help could be answered. We aim to respond to even more calls;
  • you help encourage tolerance and understanding for various people;
  • you help decrease the number of suicides in Lithuania.

We constantly take care of the quality of our provided support and the well-being of our volunteers as well as apply the best practice of foreign countries in our activities. We use the received support as efficiently as possible and are transparently accountable for it when organizing our activities. 


Interested in supporting Jaunimo linija? 

Contact Ieva Babiliene, project manager julija@jaunimolinija.lt